5 Ways to Tell If Your Kitchen Needs a Remodel


Have you been putting off a kitchen remodel for a long time? Are you in need of some definite signs that your kitchen is in desperate need of renovation? Here are 5 ways to tell if your kitchen really needs a remodel.

Insufficient Storage Space

Are items stacking up on counters or other surfaces that you need for meal prep and other tasks? This probably means you have insufficient storage space in your kitchen. There are plenty of budget solutions, such as built-in “floating” shelves or finding organization products at your local home goods store to take better advantage of the space. But when there simply isn’t enough space, the cabinetry layout may need significant altering, meaning a remodel is in store.

Bad Workflow

Finding yourself bumping into appliances or counters or even a table in the middle of your kitchen just trying to do everyday tasks? One of the most important aspects of kitchen design is the “work triangle.” This means that there should be a clear triangular path between the sink, the cooktop, the refrigerator, and back to the sink. If some aspect of your kitchen is interrupting this flow, or there’s insufficient space to move around, it may be time to consult a kitchen design expert to find solutions to this problem.

Poor or Insufficient Lighting

Some kitchens simply do not have sufficient lighting in them. There are LED bulbs now that can simulate daylight at very low wattage, so you can actually get more light power out of a single bulb that you would traditionally get with two or even three. But perhaps the existing fixtures aren’t enough. They may be poorly placed, the wrong type of lighting for the type of room you have, or just simply no longer your style or out of date. If so, it’s time for a kitchen remodel because that’s really the only way to change their location.

Cabinets Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

If you have cabinets that were bought from a budget kitchen depot or local big box store, chances are that you’re starting to experience problems with them if you’ve had them for a long time. Perhaps the doors are jamming, closing incorrectly, or not closing at all. It may just mean you need new door hinges. If you need brand new doors, redooring may be an option, but that can cost as much as new mid-priced cabinets. Unless you have super good cabinet frames, it may be worth seeing if it’s better off just replacing them altogether.

Loose or Leaking Fixtures

Is your kitchen faucet leaking and causing water spots on your counter or around the faucet area? Perhaps it works fine, but seems wiggly or loose. Have you noticed peeling sealant, mold, or water damage around the sink basin? What about the pipes underneath the sink. Do you even go under there? If those are leaking, loose, or showing other damage, you likely need a kitchen remodel in that area at the very least.

Differences Between Full Custom and Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Why You Need to Declutter Before a House Renovation

Decluterring is highly recommended before any house renovation project must commence. The reason for that is because you would want the entire project to go as smoothly as possible. It is important to understand that construction project disrupt daily home activities and if you have clutter all around the place, that will add to the disruption and will probably cause delays.

Kitchen Renovation Decluterring Tips

If you are going to have your kitchen renovated, you must realize early on that the process is going to disrupt your daily life. Before the initial tearing-up activity is performed, it is best to remove the commonly used items like plates, utensils, glasses, mugs and coffee maker. You should put these items in a box and have it labeled accordingly as your everyday items; doing this will make it easy for you to find the items when you need to use them.

Next, it would be a good idea to get the cabinets emptied and categorize the items inside. Place the items based on their categories in separate boxes with the right labels. It is also recommended to discard or donate anything that you won’t need or broken. Remember that you are decluterring, so get rid of everything you don’t need.

Items that you do not use regularly can be stored somewhere else like in the basement or a closet. Your kitchen should be totally clutter-free for it to work effectively for you and your needs.

Keep in mind that everything you will place in the boxes is the ones that you will put back when the renovation is over. So, try not to store items that do not really belong to the kitchen. Decluterring is usually the best way to rediscover some of the things that you have long missed. So, if you see something that belongs somewhere else, do not include that in the boxes for the new kitchen; simply put it where it truly belongs.

If you are having a hard time deciding on how to place the food items back in the kitchen, try to think of how a grocery store looks like. Place each item according to their category just like the way you see them arranged in supermarket aisles.

One important tip is to make sure that your daily used items are placed ideally in the cabinets that are easiest to access.

Papers do not belong to the kitchen. This is something that every homeowner should understand. Your monthly bills have no place in the kitchen, as well as school papers, office documents and the newspapers.

Refrigerators have been used as reminder and art boards for many decades now. This is just fine as long as you can keep what you put on it to a minimum. If you like putting photographs on your refrigerator door, use plastic frame with magnet so that the images are protected from grime and grease.

Lastly, try to create a decent looking kitchen by organising the entire area according to the flow of your work there. For example, dishes can be stored over the dishwasher and pans and pots under your stove. This allows you to easily get on with your daily kitchen tasks.

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