How an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator Working Together Can Make Your Home Great Again!

Previously on our blog, we discussed how a great interior designer complements a remodeling project. Today, we will discuss the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator. The reason for this is that these two job titles are often used interchangeably, but they are not actually the same thing. However, when an interior designer and interior decorator work together on your project, you can do things that you never could have imagined with your home!

So what is the difference? Interior designers have formal schooling in order to work on the structural details of your home. Interior decorators can also go to school, but formal schooling is not required. This isn’t to say that one can’t do some of the work that the other can do; for example, many interior designers do decorating, as well. But designers typically work directly with contractors and architects. Decorators usually work directly with the homeowners and design centers.

It is true that many interior designers can also provide decorating help. But also having someone who focuses completely on decorating working on your project can give you an additional perspective in addition to your interior designer. You might also be wondering about the difference between home staging and interior decorating, as many decorators do both. Staging is all about setting up a space to be more attractive to potential home buyers. Decorators are working to personalize the space just for you.

Our design partner, Emily’s Interiors, works with a wide range of interior designers. If you’re having difficulty figuring out the perfect decorating plan, they can help you find someone well versed in interior decorating to help complement your project. You will definitely want to lean on your interior designer’s knowledge of cabinetry and ability to interface and work directly with a remodeler. In the end, you may decide to stick with just one interior designer for the whole project. But if you want to bring in another set of eyes, that’s OK. It’s important to find the right people to bring your remodeling vision to life.

How a Great Interior Designer Complements a Remodeling Project

You’re excited for your remodeling project and all the big pieces are falling into place. But then, you wonder to yourself, how will I actually live in this new space? Will I end up loving the new room or still feel like something is missing? The good news is that you can answer these questions quickly and easily with the help of a great interior designer.

Interior design goes way beyond decorating the room when the construction is finishing up. It’s all about considering the feel and function of the space starting with the initial design. This is what people mean when they talk about pulling a room together. Everything should feel like it fits right from the get-go.

Considering how every square foot of a room will be used is extremely important. Other important design elements such as color schemes and finish millwork all work together with making a space look and feel complete. Done correctly, fashion can actually enhance the function of a room.

One of the most important aspects of a remodeling project is making sure everything has a place. This is why when you work with a designer, he or she may break down the new space into zones. These zones provide you with an idea how each part of the room can be used. While it’s OK for some functions of a room to overlap, especially in a smaller space, it’s important to maximize the functionality of every wall, corner, nook and cranny.

Great interior design makes the best use of what may have previously been wasted space. Many homes are designed with spaces in mind that are no longer being used for that purpose. At times, there will be walls that don’t really need to be there. Other times, there are corners or nooks that don’t seem to serve a purpose. It’s amazing what a great designer can do with just a few extra square feet or just a bit more open space.

A great interior designer complements a remodeling project by giving you a complete picture of how your room will look, feel, and function. While they also help you accessorize and pull together a room, their job goes far further than that. An interior designer considers every minute detail so that you are ready to move right into your remodeled space as if it were always there.